iHOP Web Services


iHOP server and end user interface are supported and provided by cBio@MSKCC (Computational Biological Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center). Without their continuous support, iHOP could not be working just now!

Also, iHOP web services server and developers site are supported and provided by CNIO groups SCompBio (Structural and Computational Biology) and UBio (Bioinformatics Unit). iHOP BioMOBY web services are supported by INB (node GN2).


iHOP web services are provided in flavours: CGI-XML (like DAS servers or many REST services), SOAP web services and BioMOBY web services. Last changes are focused on semantic annotation of iHOP XML Schema and SOAP web services description.

The iHOP web services XML Schema, which is used along almost all web services, can be downloaded from here, and a description of the schema is located here

José María Fernández González